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Month: February, 2011

The Good News

I made this website with a couple of purposes in mind.  The first is so that there can be respectful discussion about our world and the ideas and forces that make things happen.  I feel it is always important to understand any (and as much as possible every) point of view in order to come to true knowledge.

The other major reason is that as people come to a realization of where our world could quickly (or slowly) head (note: the unrest in Europe and the Middle East is already starting), there needs to be a way to understand these developments in context so as to avoid getting trapped in a depressing cycle, and so we can get a basic idea of what things we can do to best take advantage of the changes coming.

This is the good news, things are changing!  Not long ago, Bernie Madoff’s world collapsed on him.  He had been running a Ponzi scheme that was tens of billions of dollars in-the-hole.  A slowdown in investing caused the whole thing to crash.  Was this good or bad?  To the investors who lost money, the whole scenario was bad.  However, the crash was definitely a good thing, as the losses would have been much greater had it gone on.  Our world is in much the same situation.  Financially, we are running a huge Ponzi scheme with our markets and debts (public and private).  On a broader scale, our consumption patterns, or societal habits of taking advantage of situations or people, even any untruth might be considered as the same type of scheme as all these things reap short-term benefits, but cause long-term problems and pain.  Once again, the good news is that there is change coming!  The Ponzi schemes are starting to crash.  Truth is coming to light.  While this may cause some short-term pain as consequences set in, and  crooks are most dangerous when they are about to be caught, the longer-term outlook is awesome if we can simply prepare a little and learn from the mistakes of the past.

With this in mind, let’s consider a few simple things to do in preparation.  The main object of preparation is not to be afraid.  Change is a part of life.  Fear causes bad decisions.  It is not worth going crazy, even with preparation.  We don’t know how long it may take for these changes to happen. It could be a slow, evolutionary process over many decades, or it could be a quick dive into really tough times.  These things simply are not known.  With that in mind, I would argue that simple, common sense preparation that will benefit the preparer regardless of outcomes is the best plan.  Some ideas I have are:

  1.  Decide what is really important.  If my job disappears or if I can’t have two cars, does it really matter?  I believe that the mental, even spiritual preparation is the most important.  If times get tough, I can be glad that I have my family or I can chose to live according to my conscience regardless of outside issues.
  2. Store some food and water.  This makes good sense at any time.  In good times it allows one to buy stuff while on sale and save money.  In rough times it may be needed.
  3. Get finances in order.  Once again, this makes good sense at any time.  When the financial Ponzi schemes crash, why allow someone else have power over me because of my financial decisions?
  4. Be friendly with neighbors.  This is rewarding in good or bad times.  In good times we have found new friends.  In bad times we may need to help each other through.
  5. Decide not to be part of the problem.  We can help society by trying to elect responsible, honest people (difficult as that may be).  We can help by educating others about the nature of the problems that exist, so they can make the positive decisions that will be the basis for a better society as we learn lessons from past decisions.  We can avoid being part of the problem by working together with family, friends, and neighbors instead of rioting in the streets when things get tough.  Fear, anger and hate just make things worse.

Finally, consider how things may be when we do learn from our mistakes and chose to live better.  Think of a world where people are honest, helpful and loving toward their neighbor.  Imagine a world where true freedom reigns, and where people would not think of taking advantage of another.  As you study the review of Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope, keep in mind that this is where we will end up.  How much pain we go through on the way is largely up to the decisions we make.  I choose to look forward to the upcoming time when we learn from our mistakes and make the personal decisions that will bring about a truly Great Society!