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Global Minimum Tax

Gene Sperling, the Director of the White House National Economic Council, says we need a Global Minimum Tax.  Let’s not look at his excuse for such a thing, but look at where it leads us.  From Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope:

“…And on the seventh level are the individual states which in theory (like the states of the United States) will continue to hold full sovreignty.  But when two third votes on higher levels can make binding decisions on member states, or when states intednd to vote as a bloc in the United Nations, or when states have reduced their military and police forces so that they are dependent on forces from higher levels to defend their territories or to maintain order, or when STATES LOOK TO HIGHER LEVELS FOR FUNDS FOR INVESTMENT OR TO RESTORE THEIR ANNUAL FOREIGN-EXCHANGE IMBALANCES, the realities of sovereign power become dispersed and some areas of the world begin to look more like the Germanies of the late medieval period than like the nationalist soveregn states of the nineteenth century.”  (Pg. 1219, emphasis mine)

So Quigley and simple logic tell us that if we depend on a ‘higher level’ to collect taxes for us, then we are no longer sovreign.  They know this, but they are building something most of us don’t want.  They are making excuses to do it one step at a time, just like they did to make the European Union.  The question is will we buy it?

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