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Climate Alarmism, Your Children Are The Target!

A couple days ago, all was right with the world.  It was a nice day (some snow early on, but), I was able to ride my bike to and from work, so I felt good enough to title the post Climate Alarmism is Dying.  Immediately as I got home, I saw one of my boys watching Fetch, with Ruff Ruffman, a PBS cartoon which attempts to be somewhat entertaining and educational for kids.  I noticed that the theme for the day was an environmental one, so I watched.  I am generally pretty sympathetic to the recycling propaganda that goes around, as while they don’t often present a balanced view, I do think most recycling is a net good.  Instead, the theme was Climate Change.

Throughout the show, I saw carbon dioxide continually demonized as this thick black waste product.  They made the kids carry bags of coal to represent their various activities.  The game was to do a number of activities and see who could contribute the least CO2.  The winning team rides in a hybrid car.  At one point they solve a puzzle that states, “Carbon Dioxide and Methane are greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change.”  At another point Ruff Ruffman (the talking dog who hosts the show) says to one team, “You should be feeling guilty about riding in a gas guzzling Limo.

While these statements aren’t necessarily false, they are very much deception.  So let’s go through this a little to show what my children (and quite possibly yours) were taught by a government funded program.  They probably accepted the idea that CO2 is this thick, black puke that you will choke on if it gets in the air.  While coal is essentially carbon, carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless trace gas in the atmosphere, which is basically plant food.  By historic measures, the atmosphere, right now, is CO2 starved.  That is, PLANTS NEED MORE TO GROW WELL.  Hybrid cars are a mixed bag.  The production of a hybrid, including making and disposing of batteries and other parts that go into them is much less environmentally friendly than most vehicles.  When overall impacts are considered, it is simply better to drive any car until it dies and can’t be fixed than to purchase a new car.  Hybrids are also heavily subsidized.  The hybrid victory may well be more of a sales pitch (crony capitalism) than any real environmental benefit.  The puzzle stating that CO2 and Methane are greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change is actually correct, but way out of context and not honest.  There is still scientific debate about how much they actually contribute, and the latest shifts of scientific opinion (and opinion is what it is) suggest they contribute very little.  Climate Change is a misnomer to start with–the climate has always and will always change.  I have a quick sum on the Climate Change debate, found here:   Finally, Ruff’s statement about the guilt the kids should feel invokes sin and the need for repentance associated with religion.  This reminded me of some studying I did before writing my review of Tragedy & Hope on the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).

The leaders of the UNEP got together (in Switzerland, 17 Sept. 2007) to brainstorm about where the UNEP needed to go in the future.  This was published as a report called The UNEP We Want.  It states:

“The environment should compete with religion as the only compelling, value-based narrative available to humanity.” (Page 4)

So Earth Worship is the official State Religion of the UN.  They want to instill their values in our children, not ours.  This is why they should “feel guilty” about riding in a limo.

“The UNEP should urgently consider how it is to convene the science necessary to rise to the existing and future challenges.” (Page 2)

“The group felt that we have a 10-15 year window in which to reverse current trends and place the world on a sustainable path. …The good news is that CONCERN FOR CLIMATE CHANGE OFFERS A POLITICAL OPPORTUNITY we have not had in years, and a platform on which to set the stage for the sort of transformation we need.” (Page 4, emphasis mine)

So, by my interpretation, having monitored this group for a number of years, the translation is this.  We need to fabricate the science to create the concern for Climate Change to achieve a political victory to make a major transformation.  Fabricated science cannot win the debate, as we are now seeing, but they can feed this to our children until, in a few years, it will move forward on an unquestioned, moral basis.  F. A. Hayek summed it up best:

“The most effective way of making everybody serve the single system ends toward which the social plan is directed is to  make everybody believe in those ends.” (The Road to Serfdom, Pg. 171)

We need to know this stuff so we can teach our children and prevent them from following the propaganda, put in their hearts and minds by things seeminly as harmless as a cartoon dog hosting a children’s game show, into a world that we will look at tomorrow!


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    Coming tomorrow, Green Hell.


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