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Month: March, 2012

No, Luke, I Am Your Father

Perhaps the all-time game changing line in the history of movies. Luke Skywalker’s world turned upside down, Darth Vader made his power play, and millions of tickets were guaranteed to sell for Return of the Jedi. But, to analyze this in retrospect, after watching Jedi as a child (and a few more times) this knowledge was what allowed Luke to determine his own values about his actual relationship with his father, how he needed to act, and eventually Read the full article »

Climate Chains

Read this at your own risk. While the best thing we can do for the world is to build a strong family, there are things which come at us from the political and institutional arenas which are real threats and must be taken care of in this area before they can affect our families. One of these issues is the Climate Change issue. This is a great issue to study because there are only two possibilities: 1. The science is settled. They have the data and know pretty much what will happen, so they need to take trillions of dollars to solve the problem. 2. The science isn’t really settled, we have been deceived, and this whole thing is a big scam. Today we will go through climate science 101, look at the data, and answer the question: Is this real, or have we found Read the full article »

Great Things By Simple Means

Looking forward to the Final Four of the NCAA tournament on Saturday (I’ll get to see half of each game), I thought about my brackets. We have a friendly competition, as a family, every year, and I was way ahead in points after the “Elite 8” had been decided. Even after picking 6 of the 8 correctly, I knew I would need a lot of luck to win the final standings. Why? Because the two I had missed were Missouri who had lost to Norfolk State in the first round, and Duke, who lost to Lehigh in the first round. I had pick both to go to the Final Four and Read the full article »

Eco-Fads, The Media

Todd Myers makes some really revealing remarks abou the media in his book Eco-Fads. I would encourage everyone to read and internalize this to come to a better understanding about how we get the information that shapes our world view. Todd Myers is a true environmentalist (perhaps his book makes him an activist), who has concerns about what he calls Eco-Fads. These are things that people do because they believe they are helping the environment but may actually be doing damage. He serves as Environmental Director at the Washington Policy Center in Seattle. He adds a really interesting perspective. I’ll probably give a full review when Read the full article »

The Most Important Thing

What would you talk about if you could speak to thousands of people? Now, suppose you are in poor health, and as you get up to speak, you only have the strength to say one sentance. What would you say?

A good friend told me about this very case, yesterday. First, I’ll apologize for giving a second-hand story with all the potential issues there, but I really liked this one and think the message is Read the full article »