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OK, this has nothing to do with barely covered models, but an attempt to barely cover Socialist International.  This may be nowhere near as exciting, but is an unseen force in shaping the world while most people are content to limit thought to the world of sports and supermodels.

For those who have a 30 plus page attention span, a full report by Dennis Ambler can be found at the following link:

Ambler begins his report by reminding us what the Climate Change agenda really is:

“However, the Climate Change agenda is seen as the best route to re-distribution of wealth from rich to poor countries via a UN Global Government, although they think “governance” sounds less threatening.”

I have also made this case here:

So who is Socialist International?  They are a worldwide organization of socialist thinkers, political parties and organizations.  It is based in London and is the current form of the Fabian Socialist movement.  It is, however, more than just an organization.  Members of SI move interchangeably with the United Nations, Club of Rome and its sidekicks (Club of Madrid, GLCA, UN Foundation, etc.).  The names that seem to bounce between these groups are the usual list of suspects which one can find in my analysis of the Elite Environmental Movement, including:  Maurice Strong, Timothy Wirth, Carol Browner, Jose Maria Figueres, Klaus Topfer, Rajendra Pachauri, George Soros, Richard Lagos, and the list could go on.  For more information on the web these people form, see:

The SI Commission presented their plan to the UN in Sept. 2009, just ahead of COP 15 (Conference of the Parties, who determine climate policy), on how to “move from a high carbon economy to a low carbon society.”

“The challenge is to create a common world energy policy that takes into consideration the varying levels of economic development at the national level.”

“Other regulatory instruments on emissions that could be put in place on a worldwide scale must be considered, including a tax on green house gas emmissions at both the national and Global levels.”

We see that the real challenge (not climate change) is a “common world energy policy” and the redistribution of wealth among nations.  SI speaks, and the UN jumps to push the policy.  Interestingly, Carroll Quigley tells us about this in his book Tragedy & Hope:

 “The ultimate nature of that new system of economic and social life is not yet clear, but we might call it the “pluralist economy,” and characterize its social structure as one which provides prestige, rewards, and power to managerial groups of experts whose contributions to the system are derived from their expertise and “know-how.”

“The process of decision-making operates by the slow and almost imperceptible shifts of the various blocs, one by one, from support to neutralism to opposition toward the existing division of resources among the three claimant sectors by the CENTRAL MANAGERIAL ELITE.” (pages 551-552, emphasis mine)

So Quigley tells us that the real agenda is to give control of resources to the elitists that will run the whole system, which has always been the case with every collectivist system created.  It’s starting to become clear why the elites are so interested in the whole Climate Change issue, and why the skeptical case is distorted or virtually unreported in the media.  It’s also pretty clear why Socialist International flies in the open, but under the radar of the media.  Ambler gives this warning:

“Whilst the continual scientific rebuttals of the climate reports produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)[part of the UN environment program] may make many people think that this charade cannot continue much longer, behind the scenes it’s quite irrelevant;  the long-term process marches relentlessly on as if there had never been any challenges at all.”

Sorry to hit such a deep topic first thing Monday morning.  The studious have a week’s worth of reading to do.  But, if this agenda is to be slowed or stopped, it will be because people learn about it and the court of public opinion turns against these people.  I realize that there are many who support this agenda, but I believe that all of us could demand that these things are done in the open with full public debate instead of hiding behind the climate scare.

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