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Why I’m Still Voting For Ron Paul

Let’s face facts.  Voting for Ron Paul is not about making him the next President.  It would seem, after “Super Tuesday” that will be between Gov. Romney and Pres. Obama.  However, I do intend to sign my temporary allegiance to the Republican party so I can support Ron Paul.  I also encourage everyone else to do the same.  I have three major reasons and they are very simple.  The first is what Dr. Paul is–a true Libertarian, and the second is what he is not–a puppet of the New World Order, and third, because public opinion does matter to politicians.

I’m not claiming Dr. Paul is the perfect candidate.  He is old.  He did have a newletter published in his name that had anti-semetic content (though he claims it was done by others without his knowledge).  Now, to be honest, you won’t find any other candidate without quite a bit of baggage.  Ron Paul is the closest thing we have to a 19th century Liberal, which, I believe, represents true freedom.  I’ve made my case here:  F. A. Hayek makes the case that this philosophy (individual Liberty) is the one that can’t be co-opted by a tyrant.

A tyrant is what Dr. Paul is not.  In listening to the other politicians out there as well as the mainstream media, I hear the same old propaganda to get us involved in more wars.  This time it’s Iran and Syria.  The Republicans will just send the military out to do the bidding of the World Planners.  The Democrats will go with the United Nations to do the same thing.  There is only one candidate from either party that is against trying to reshape the world outside our own country, Ron Paul.  The review of Tragedy & Hope covers this extensively.

Finally, public opinion does matter to politicians.  In order to get elected, a politician must gain the support of many ‘blocs’ of voters.  The bigger the Libertarian bloc is, the more someone will need its support, the more they will have to listen to and follow the advice of the Libertarians.  Quigley covers this principle:

“In the face of the public opinion of 1950-1952, the Truman Administration had to make some concessions to the power of neo-isolationism.” (Tragedy & Hope, page 981)

We may not be able to stop our politicians from following the Elites and their anti-freedom plans for the world right now, but we can slow the process down and survive to fight another day.  We can best do this by getting public opinion to support a freedom agenda, the agenda of Ron Paul.


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