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Life is a Candle

I was recently sent poem written by an elementary school aged young man:

Life is a Candle

Life is a Candle–to be born is to be lit

Then slowly, slowly you burn away.

Then night comes and you’re blown out, but

In the morning you will burn again,

This time by the spirit.

Then slowly, very slowly, you burn away.

When the last flicker comes, you die.


Do good while your candle is still burning.

Sometimes we need children to remind us of how easy it is to overthink things.  While I believe it is good to study and understand the world, how much better life would be if we all just took to heart the simple moral of this poem.  Do good.  Not much I can add.

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  1. Great philosophy is described in a straightforward way. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.


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