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New World Order Exposed

New World Order Exposed

Sorry, you got the featherweight post yesterday.  Hopefully the homework from Socialist International is done, because here’s something to think on for the weekend:

This video (and I highly suggest watching the whole thing) shows Leon Panetta repeatedly saying that to leagally attack Syria (said no-fly zone, much like Libya) they need permission from NATO, a coalition, or the United Nations, not the congress of the United States.  At the heart of this debate are the constitutional separation of powers and the War Powers Act of 1973.

Starting with the War Powers Act.  This act provides that the President can send U. S. Armed forces into action abroad only by authorization of Congress or in case of “a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or posessions, or its armed forces.”  The President must notify Congress within 48 hours, and troops can remain no more than 60 days (with another 30 days allowed for withdrawl) without Congressional authorization or a Declaration of War.  All Presidents since 1973 have claimed that the War Powers Act is unconstitutional.  President Clinton violated it in 1999 when bombing Kosovo.  President Obama did so in 2011 fighting in Libya.  This brings us to the Constitutional debate.

Article I of the Constitution is the powers given to Congress.  Section 8 puts the following as Congressional powers:  To declare War.  To raise and support Armies.  To provide and maintain a Navy.  To make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces.

Article II of the Constitution is the Executive powers.  Section 2 deals with the military, it states:

“The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several states, when called in to the actual service of the United States.”

I believe the War Powers Act is absolutely constitutional.  The Constitution clearly gives to the Congress the power to Declare War, which, in turn, clearly allows Congress to set the standards by which the military engages in conflict.  Once these standards are met, then the President commands as he sees best.  The War Powers Act says to the President, “We will provide a military for you to command and authorize emergency use according to these terms.”  The Congress has these duties given to it by the Constitution.  I think the argument that the title ‘Commander in Chief’ gives the President the right to conduct war is terrible logic, which, if applied further, would allow any commander to suddenly attack without permission from superiors because they are his men.  In the end, the military is funded by We the People and works for us.  Or does it?

A couple of days ago, I claimed that the Republicans will send the military to do the bidding of the World Planners, and the Democrats will go with the United Nations and do the same thing.  See:  I’m going to toot my own horn and say I was right.  Any President who gets elected has benefitted from money and propaganda from those deep pockets who are building this New World.  Since World War II, we have come to culturally accept that it is our duty to keep the whole world glued together and functioning as we (or the propagandist planners) see fit.  They will try to convince us, however improbable that a Syrian civil war, or a Libyan civil war, or a handcuffed Iraqi regime, or vietnam, or Korea, or wherever, is vital to our defense.  Don’t we see the obvious, that they are just using our blood and treasure for their purposes?  If we didn’t see it before, Mr. Panetta should have showed clearly who is the higher authority that is running our military, and it isn’t We the People.

“America’s Navy, A Global Force For Good.” (US Navy)

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