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Utah Sex Ed Petition

Before anyone hurries and signs the petition going around asking Gov. Herbert to veto a law restricting schools from teaching broad-ranging sex ed, I would ask that the full subject be studied with an open mind. Please see:

I realize I am of the minority opinion in the state on this issue, but I don’t think that the media has accurately reported that there is more to this.  This petition is sponsored in part by George Soros’  Soros is well connected to the (linked above) UN agenda.  While I understand that the bill allows for “conservative tyranny” by allowing the schools to teach a moral principal (abstinence), and I would prefer that the schools and government got out of the bedroom altogether, I believe it may be necessary to tolerate this to put the brakes on the UN.  Giving the government a lesser power, in this case, I believe, is better than giving it greater power.

I also understand the problem of parents not doing their duty and teaching their children.  This is where the real problem started.  Parents, if we are to keep the rights to raise our children and teach them our standards, we must rise to the occasion.  We need to stop the power transfer, and also do the teaching.  If not, our freedoms stand to be lost either quickly or slowly.  When family breaks down government is waiting to take its place.

This is just one battle in a big, long war for the freedom of man.  If we get too caught up in short-term thinking or see only the details that are reported to us here and now, we could accidentally get results we don’t desire in the long run.

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  1. Love your blog, in fact arrived by checking yahoo and google for a comparable issue to this post. Which means this might be a late post nevertheless keep up the great work.

  2. Troy B.

     /  March 24, 2012

    The type of sex education posited by the UN is NOT the type of sex education I would support. Nor do I believe this is the type of sex education that is occurring in our schools here in Utah. Honestly I personally was SHOCKED to learn that the UN has such a permissive view toward sex. I will be checking into this some more. I do not believe sex education is an appropriate topic for kindergartners! Nonetheless, I am concerned that our shildren are learning about these things at an ever younger age, because it is so prevalent in our society. I have had to have some VERY uncomfortable conversations with my kids at times. I do believe, however, sex education is appropriate for high-schoolers and that topics such as the transmission of STDs, pregnancy, contraception (and the myth of its infallibility), etc. are all important and valid topics that our kids should be informed about.

    I do share your religious and moral concerns about the teaching of specific sexual practices and I also completely AGREE that it would be far preferable for parents to take a more active role in the sex education of their children. However, as a public school teacher, I often hear outrageous things that clearly demonstrate their is a lot of misinformation out there. I have taken a very open, honest approach to the topic with my own kids and allowed them to fully participate in all the programs through the school regarding these things. I feel my involvement and discussion augmented with the school curriculum has been beneficial for my family. As always you leave me with lots to consider.

  3. Whenever I try to discern where we at at, in this trcnuoy, on this planet, I always go back to the forty years. The liberal bubble heads shunning God and worshiping the craven images of institutionalized multiculturalism, political correctness, victimization, socialism and radical environmentalism; crafted by the true evil of progressivism. The image that keeps popping into my head is the (I am not sufficiently up on my bible to remember his name) Edward G. Robinson character in The Ten Commandments; cajoling the flock to worship the Golden Calf. I’ll delineate those Hungry Ghosts even further. The bubble heads are basically good Hungry Ghosts, led astray in their quest to fulfill good intentions by the truly evil Hungry Ghosts, Progressives. The good Hungry Ghosts, as Robin once was, are indeed capable of being saved. The evils are beyond hope, I am afraid. No amount of convincing or example will return them to sanity. They are lost.Our president is the Golden Calf; false -a lie- a divider wearing the coat of every progressive meme . He is the result of smelting every progressive icon into a mold. He is to be protected, at all costs. No one is expendable, in preserving the narrative.I just hope Moses gets his butt of the mountain


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