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When Do The Libertarians Caucus?

The Bishop called on Tuesday to remind me there would be no meetings, due to the caucuses.  I confirmed with him that it was the Democratic Caucus on Tuesday and the Republican on Thursday.  I know better than to play word-chess with him because he’s much smarter than me, but I decided to anyway, just to see how he’d shut me down.

“When do the Libertarians have their caucus?”

He knew I wasn’t serious, and also knew what I was really asking–Are we special?  Will there be a night off for us, too?

“There aren’t enough to worry about it.”

So I was shut down just that fast.  But I did have to think, why are there seemingly so few Libertarians?  Especially in a church that teaches and has taught so many compatible ideas?  I thought back to some of the blogs I have followed.  They seem to lay out the argument perfectly, but wo unto him who dares not follow the orthodox rule.  It’s Constitution or bust.  We don’t seem to compromise or work with Liberals or Conservatives, but we seem great at telling everyone they’re wrong.  I recalled an instance of “Benson Bashing”.  This would be the equivalent of bible bashing, but is when a Conservative and a Libertarian pull out excerpts from Benson (that would be President Ezra Taft Benson, a former president of the LDS Church for those unfamiliar) talks to try and prove who’s right.  I’m sure that’s what he had in mind.

Moving on, I thought of the great friends I have, both Liberal and Conservative.  We seem to be even better friends for the ability to discuss differences without being rude or getting offended.  I guess I just love people.  I love our differences.  Wouldn’t the world be boring if we all thought alike?  So in conclusion to my question, I guess I’ve decided that maybe there aren’t too many Libertarians because quite often we’re just too damn stubborn.

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  1. Take heart all ye Libertarians. The scriptures say that in the Last Days, even the very elect will be deceived. Scriptures also say that many will be kept from the Truth simply because they know not where to find it. Scriptures also allude to the fact that even the most righteous virgins will be left with no real “oil” in their lamps.

    The Democrats and Republicans have lost their way, and though their lips draw close to the Constitution, their actions are far from it.

    I have taken the on-line quizzes to chart whether I fall into the Democratic camp, the Republican camp, the Constitutional camp or the Libertarian camp. Before taking the quizzes, I figured that I might fall more in line with the Constitutionalists, but I found that I am very firmly in the Libertarian camp when my views are entered.

    Since I am what I classify as a normal Mormon father, with kids, a home, a job, etc., I would venture a bet that if all Mormons would take these on-line quizzes, they would see that they too would fall in line with many, if not most, of the Libertarian planks. Yet, they have been blinded by the teachings of man that has deceived them into being “politically correct.”


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