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No, Luke, I Am Your Father

Perhaps the all-time game changing line in the history of movies. Luke Skywalker’s world turned upside down, Darth Vader made his power play, and millions of tickets were guaranteed to sell for Return of the Jedi. But, to analyze this in retrospect, after watching Jedi as a child (and a few more times) this knowledge was what allowed Luke to determine his own values about his actual relationship with his father, how he needed to act, and eventually overthrow the Emperor with his father’s help.

On this blog, I have tried to give anyone who will allow it, a Luke Skywalker moment. In case some readers are in the moments of confusion that follow, I want to offer some perspective today. What are we afraid of? We’ll look at this from the viewpoint of history and the viewpoint of religion (those who don’t subscribe to religion, bear with me) and we will see that there really isn’t anything to fear, if we simply use our knowledge, learn principles, decide our values, and live accordingly.

From the viewpoint of history, this is an oft-repeated scenario. Civilizations base themselves on principles, grow and prosper, turn away from those principles, get humbled, and start all over again. From this understanding, if we, as a society (nation, world, whatever) have moved to the point that corruptness and authoritarianism are inevitable, then the humbling that is coming is a good thing. It (tyranny) will collapse of its own weight. Corruption, deception, and authoritarianism all go against natural law and no such system has ever lasted longer than was necessary for people to re-figure out correct principles. An Orwellian ending isn’t really feasable (though his books are interesting and his observations of the world are very astute).

This historical observation fits well with the Christian outlook. The world has been having the labor pains of a millenium to be born for some time now. Forgive the terrible comparison. I borrowed it from a friend, so I’m giving him full blame if it’s out of line. Labor pains are the sharpest just before the child is ready to be delivered. Thus from a religious standpoint even if we temporarily have a rough time, we are assured by scripture that it will be a relatively short transition to something much better.

The only question at this point is what we should do in our current circumstances. Living our conscience I believe to be the most important. If I can look in the mirror and be happy with my efforts, not much else matters. I hope we can all see the importance of living a moral life for ourselves and society. Next, I believe would be to teach our children. Teach them values. Teach them principles. Be a real parent. I have a section of Governing Principles on this site. I wrote it to pass on some basic ideas of governance which I believe will help us recognize and avoid tyranny and also learn the basics of true freedom. Whether you subscribe to a religious or a historical view of things, these are some of the basic principles that founded our nation and will again help us move toward that end.

Finally, I recommend growing in love toward our neighbor. Rough times are coming. You can see it mathematically if you have the attention span to watch How much more rewarding if we can get through rough times by coming together in the true principle of love instead of being torn apart. Christ taught that we should love our enemies. I believe this is wise advice. I spend a lot of time studying the intricacies of world governance and agendas and plans that exist. While I disagree with these things and try to expose them, it must be noted that most of the people involved have good intentions. I consider no person an enemy, but will use the power of persuasion to try to open minds, change dialogue, and accomplish good. In the end, I hope that all people will find joy and hapiness. The secret combinations of scriptural times created divisions and hatred and distrust among the people. Let us never join in such things.

And post-finally (is that a word?), in the title of this article, I added the name Luke. The actual line is “No, I am your father.” I added the name for clarity so everyone would quickly know the reference, so the other Star Wars geeks don’t need to call me out. Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful world that God has given us.

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  1. johnb

     /  March 30, 2012

    If you want to appease Star Wars “geek” and English “geek” you can title this, “No, [Luke] I am your father”.

    Thanks for an uplifting theme to go into the weekend. There is a real need to be able to discuss these crucial issues, listening to all sides (yes, there are more than just two), and to do so in a polite, constructive manner.


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