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Conspiracy Factists and the NWO

Somewhere in the world there are people who can’t sleep at night.  It may be proven that they also have a tendancy toward the over-consumption of doughnuts and energy drinks.  They sit up, all night at their computers dreaming of wild conspiracy theories from the slightest glimmer of anything out of the ordinary.  Welcome to the world of the conspiracy theorist, at least this is what theorists seem to be in the minds of most people.  I will grant that there are some (a lot) of seemingly lunatic ideas out there that can’t be confirmed.  However, the term conspiracy theorist is not always the best way to describe someone who dares enter the realm of studying the world and where it is slowly moving.  There are also many of what I will call conspiracy factists.  There are people out there (a lot of them) who know how to investigate and stick to the facts.

I have spent a fair amount of time to bring to light the somewhat hidden agendas of our world leaders from the United Nations and the Environmental movement.  The information is all over this site, and quite well documented.  The simple truth is that our world elites want a world government.  They want it in order to enact regulations that will keep their companies profiting indefinitely.  They want it because they believe it is the best way.  They want it because they want power.  Every time they begin to be exposed, they simply call the person a conspiracy theorist and there needs be no debate or further questioning.  The collective world just puts the image in their minds of an insomniac eating doughnuts.  With all this said, it was really refreshing to read the following article:

For those who might want to start understanding the New World Order, I would suggest going to  Learn about it from the perspective of the elites who want it.  I would also suggest that is a well documented site with good information.  Separate fact from opinion.  Do your homework, and let the chips fall where they may.

A fair warning, they may end up calling you a conspiracy theorist.  I prefer the term conspiracy factist, and just for the record, I don’t eat too many doughnuts and sleep well most nights.


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