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The Attack On The Middle Class

The American middle class is being systematically destroyed.  Three of the major contributors to this are globalization, inflation, and taxes.  We will take a brief look at each of these.  The following article looks at these and a lot more numbers to advance the same argument:

Is globalization good or bad?  It is really tough to blanket it with a single good or bad label.  It creates opportunity for business.  For those of religious ideas, it would seem that globalization is somewhat necessary to prepare the world for the reign of Christ, who will rule over the whole earth.  On the flip side, over regulation often causes that mainly big business thrives on globalization, while small business has a harder time dealing with laws and realities of transportation.  The New World Order method of removing borders by transferring power to the United Nations and running wealth-redistributive schemes is much closer to evil than the good side of the gospel of Christ uniting the people of the world.  Relating to the middle class, globalization is a tough pill to swallow, as labor has become a global commodity.  American labor is 10-20 times more expensive than much of the abundant foreign labor.  This means that higher paying jobs generally flow outward or down in the pay scale.

Next comes inflation.  We’ve been taught by the media how great inflation is.  Inflation is actually a hidden tax which raids savings by constantly devaluing it.  Years ago, if you wanted to get into the middle class, perhaps start a small business, you could work, save, and then use your savings to help you get started.  Thanks to inflation, it is now much harder to save, thus start a business or invest in real-estate or whatever you may want to do.  About the only way you can come out ahead saving is to, wait for it, invest in big business (called the stock market).  Then it is generally tied up in retirement labels so you have little access to it should you desire to do your own thing.  According to the referenced article, since 1970 (when Nixon legalized money printing with no accountability) the US dollar has lost 83% of its value.

Finally, a look at taxes.  The middle class is taxed like crazy, and in many different ways.  Higher end taxes (the evil $250,000 earners) hurt small business.  It is difficult to run a business when you can’t keep your profits and are thus dependent on borrowing for expansion or hard times.  Sounds like a banker’s dream.

The one thing all these problems have in common is the over-reaching arm of government combined with big business to slant the field against the middle class.  As was well said in the cited article, “If America is going to be great again, it is going to need a thriving middle class.  But right now the Federal Government and the big corporations are gobbling up all of the power and all of the money and the middle class is shrinking rapidly.”


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