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I hovered over the work bench with the zeal of the proverbial kid in a candy shop, not quite able to hide the smile on my face.  This was really fun!

“What are you trying to do, bring Lazarus back to life?”

Clearly, my co-worker didn’t have as much appreciation for the old generator as I did.  He was right.  The 20 year old Honda powered freebie had spent the last decade in a hay loft, and it looked like it.  It was too worn/rusted/covered in muck to know anything more than it was apparently a Honda 9 horsepower engine, and this only because it was marked on the recoil starter which was no longer attached to the engine.  On the other hand, the only thing more fun than spending my breaks and lunchtime pontificating on the state of the world would be fixing up ‘Lazarus’. 

So, after blowing some compressed air to get rid of the hay and loose dirt, fixing the recoil was the first item of business.  The spring was loose on one end, and couldn’t be bent back to stay in place.  I drilled a hole in it and secured it with a small piece of #12 wire, tightened it up, rethreaded the pull string, and it worked like a champ.  Next, the fuel tank and line needed to be cleaned and it was ready to dump in some gasoline and get a preliminary test.  On the second pull it choked, and on the third it started!  I only dared run it for a few seconds without any good oil, but knew victory was at hand.

There was still a lot to do.  Changing oil, cleaning the air filter, making a gasket to solve a fuel leak at the sediment cup, changing the spark plug, degreasing, cleaning, painting, and re-wiring the generator end (farmers have a way of rigging just about everything).  To get an idea of the final product, here’s a view of a brand new version of the same model:

Where am I going with this rambling?  Today, looking at the restoration of ‘Lazarus’, I’m questioning the value of our throw-away society.  When something doesn’t work right we just toss it aside and get a new one.  The attitude sometimes seems to spill over into our friendships, marriages, and many other aspects of life.  What if we changed our view of things and people?  What if we saw them for what they could be, instead of dusty, dirty garbage?  What if we put a bit of effort into making things better?

I could have purchased a brand new generator (though I must say, not for the $25 I invested in this one).  It wouldn’t have a few dings that I couldn’t fix.  It would be a bit quieter.  But, to be honest, I wouldn’t care for it the way I care for Lazarus.

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