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Just returned from a week long vacation, camping on Taylor Mountain, just north of Vernal, Utah.  It is amazing that a family of six can live in a trailer that is smaller than our living room at home, having almost none of the normal conveniences of life (video games, phones, computers, etc.) and seem to enjoy each other and life more than ever.  We’ll get back on topic next week.


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  1. Kerry

     /  August 27, 2012

    You have a wonderful family!!

  2. This is an interesting topic that you are dsisucsing guys. I agree that for the most part that people don’t seem to seek out truth but merely accept information that is presented to them; how else could we explain the phenomenon of mass media and corporate network news channels? Perhaps we have become desensitized to truth due to information overload, or perhaps we are just growing lazy. Its a pity, but perfectly understandable that the most readily available news and information sources are those promoted by government and the corporate sector, and of course come packaged with some agenda or other. If we are only exposed to such information sources then it must affect our core cultural beliefs significantly.


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