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Idealogical Diversity

I recently read a study which showed how attitudes in the United States have changed over the years.  Overall, our nation is very accepting of diversity in just about every way.  There was one exception, idealogical diversity.  We tend to be tolerant of just about anything except people who think differently than we do.  I believe this holds true, if we look at the political polarization that seems to continually increase.  I would like to propose a couple of ideas regarding this.

First, there is no political agenda that can do so much good that it can counteract the negative effects of anger toward our fellow man.  If I feel anger over anything political, it is time to give it up.  It’s not worth it.

Second, I believe we have rough times coming, regardless of who gets elected.  If we allow political differences or blaming to effect how we treat our neighbor, we could be in real trouble.  Historically, this is the difference between tough times and total meltdown.

I believe there is a place for political dialogue and discussion.  I believe we can talk openly about any idea that exists.  I believe we can disagree without becoming disagreeable or allowing it to destroy our love for our neighbors.  If we can learn to do this, our discussion can be a positive thing toward understanding others and gaining knowledge.  If we can’t learn to do this, we probably need to re-focus on what is really important.  If we truly believe in diversity, I believe this must include idealogical diversity.

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