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Month: October, 2012

Temporary, Partial Retirement

I’ve decided to take early retirement from the blogosphere.  The $0.00 retirement salary that comes with this is probably the best rate I will get and matches my full current salary.  Joking aside, I started this site because I felt it was important and needed.  At this point in time, I feel that my spare time will be better used on other persuits.  I will still post comments and would be glad to enter dialogue on any subject covered.

That said, I recommend this site to anyone.   The attempt has been to look at what has been taught from the scriptures, modern prophets, world leaders, and many sources from the political left, right, and center to try and distinguish truth and error.  I believe the ideas (in general) found here represent a great picture of principles as they need to be understood to have all of these sources in harmony.  Because error and falsehood are so common in the world today, I invite the reader to thoughtfully consider the points brought up in the posts and other sections before accepting many of the arguments of the day.  Also because human error will always exist, I invite the reader to bring to my attention any oversight that may be found.  Many thanks.