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In order to be effective, it is important not just to show what is wrong with the current system, or even to show which systems are better or worse.  We need to figure out a plan to move toward a better system that is realistic in our world.  Being dedicated to the principles of our founding, known as 19th century Liberalism or Libertarianism as we have chosen to call it today (read the rest of the site for the reasons for this belief), it is important to ask if the Libertarian ideal is a possible goal starting from where we now are.  This brings up the fundamental question, is over-governance a result of people’s making poor choices, or are the poor choices a result of being over-governed?  We will look at this question and concrete steps we can make to reverse the trend.

Our fundamental question is important to establish how much governance is necessary.  If people make poor decisions which cause over-governance, then the case could be made that what we have is what we need, so long as it is honest and we need only get rid of those parts which are dishonest.  If it is a mixture (government over-reach causes more people to make poor decisions which cause more over-reach, etc.) then society will slowly improve as we slowly dismantle problematic regulations.  If the poor decisions are directly related to over-governance, then more freedom is better.  As the case has been made in many other essays on this site that the second or third case is correct, we will focus on progressive (ironic name) steps toward Libertarianism which should help society to perform better and create the positive feedback loop.  It should be noted that these steps must go in logical order to avoid creating more problems than we solve.

  1. Take back control of the FCC and EPA and any other departments which have overstepped their congressional mandates.  The difficulty in this lies in defeating entrenched interests.  The possibility of accomplishing this is very high, if enough people become educated as to what is going on.  The vast majority of Americans would rise against dictatorial powers of agencies. See: for more information.
  2. Balance the budget.  This is really difficult because people cannot decide on how it should be done, however, the number of people aware that it must be done is rising quickly.  This will be painful, no matter how it is done, in the short term.  The pain will be worth it if we value freedom, as debt is freedom owed to someone else.  Also the move to balance the budget will require cuts which will move us closer to a true free market, step 3.
  3. Move toward a true free market.  This one will most likely take a number of years of reforms both small and large.  Reducing regulation will help small business, while curbing monopoly business.  This will help re-establish our economic freedom.  Getting entitlements under control can’t happen over-night, as we must honor commitments we have made in the short and possibly medium term.  Beyond the pain, we need to recognize that our economic freedom is the foundation of all our freedoms.  We can’t be free to push our ideas if someone else’s money is needed.  We can’t be fully free to exercise religion if someone else owns the church.  A true free market is also necessary so that our decisions have their proper, natural consequences.  Only by having true economic consequences for our decisions are we able to make decisions based on this truth.  The old saying ‘the truth shall make you free’ still applies.  For more information on our current economy see:

At this point, I believe a warning to Libertarian thinkers is necessary.  We often want to give total freedom, while still having government programs in place which would distort the consequences of the actions.  Such cannot be the case.  An example would be legalizing drugs while we still have a socialist safety net economy.  It would be like opening a free donut shop next to a free liposuction shop.  While some people may still pay to eat healthy, overall donut addiction and poor health would result from this distortion.  This freedom would not be true, because the decisions and their consequences would not be intact.  We must get these first three steps well under way or completed before considering legalization of currently illegal addictive or destructive behaviors.

 It is my belief that once a true free market is established, society will of necessity grow in responsibility and charity.  Responsibility will improve because it will be necessary to perform in order to provide, charity because we will realize that the government can’t provide for everyone, so we will have to step up.  Both of these cause positive feedbacks.  The basis of self respect is to take care of oneself.  Serving others creates a joy that causes one to want to serve more.  With society basing itself ‘progressively’ more on these principles, almost all the other questions about governance will be solved.  We can have a government that is financially sustainable and accomplish the good that needs to be done.  We can have full freedom, take care of the less fortunate, and get rid of the crooks if we will simply choose to do it.  It starts by taking control of rogue government agencies and balancing the budget.  Both are things we can accomplish.

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