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Tragedy & Hope Review

This is a modern review of Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope Tragedy & Hope is an amazing book, not just for what Carroll Quigley revealed, but for who he was–an Ivy League professor, Smithsonian Historian, and mentor to Bill Clinton. Quigley’s focus on secretive groups makes his work a game-changer to our view of the world.  This is an 11 chapter review plus references, introduction and conclusion.  Feel free to register and comment.  Enjoy!



I. Progressivism -vs- Libertarianism:

II. International Bankers:

III. Round Table Groups:

IV. By Their Fruits:

V. Environmentalism?:

VI. Climate Change:

VII. The Elitist Agenda:

VIII. The Media:

IX. Truth, Not News:

X. The Economy:

XI. Political Evolution:


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